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Our CompanyWelcome to Maid Perfect - the home of Chino's finest house cleaning services.

As a local provider of professional home cleaning services, Maid Perfect has attracted the attention and business of countless Chino clients. With the goal of being the top local choice, we offer quality cleaning services that are designed to understand what our customers need and the best way to deliver the desired results. Analytical and service-oriented, our process has been perfected over the years and we're proud to be veritable home cleaning specialists.

Dependable Staff - Our team knows that your business depends on what we do. That's why we're always there, never late, and with a quality that is never called into question.

Courteous and Professional - Your point of contact at Maid Perfect will always have the right attitude to inspire trust and deliver the service you want.

Technically Advanced - Both in regards our knowledge and our equipment, we stay ahead of the curve to be the most technically evolved home cleaning services company in Chino.

Transparent Pricing - When we develop a mutually beneficial contract for home cleaning services, our charges will be clear and upfront so that we and our clients are on the same page.

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Why Us
  • A Dependable Solution

    First and foremost, you need your home cleaning service provider to be reliable, arriving on time and completing all cleaning tasks as requested. At Maid Perfect in Chino, dependability is just the beginning. We'll always be there for a scheduled cleaning and deliver spotless results that will inspire trust.

  • The Right Price

    The cost of home cleaning services in Chino can differ widely from firm to firm, but we have a simple formula – a fair price for both us and our clients. By charging competitive rates and delivering exceptional performance, we're sure you'll call us again.

  • Impressive Work Ethic

    While on the job, you can expect each member of the Maid Perfect team to be focused on the cleaning tasks at hand. We know that being efficient has a direct effect on our customers - by minimizing the time it takes to clean your space, we're even less of an imposition.

  • The Apex of Service

    We aim to make even those few short minutes count and you can be sure that every meeting or phone conversation with Maid Perfect will be professional and respectful.

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